Harry Hartman is a group of friends obsessed with wine who have a deep and passionate love for the Cape, its terroirs and the talents and characters of her people.

All of which have inspired us to showcase and share with our other friends around the world what we believe to be some of the Capes most extraordinary wines, stories and personalities.

Our business started with two wines, to which we have now added. Currently we have 6 wine brands and 3 Gins. We plan to always be a boutique styled operation, creating small, impeccably crafted batches.

For our launch, we chose to make a Bordeaux styled red blend from Stellenbosch and a Shiraz from the Cederberg and Stellenbosch areas. In time we intend to showcase all the wine growing regions in the Cape.


Limited and often very small volumes of each brand will be made to ensure that our customers get products that are truly unique and exclusive.